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Dirty Fingers and Prostate Massage


Le and Di were a couple in their early 30s. They often experimented with different sexual activities to keep their relationship spicy. One evening, when Di came back from work, Le greeted her with a kiss and whispered in her ear, “I have a surprise for you tonight.”

Soon, they were both in bed, and Le started massaging Di’s back. He moved his hands lower, slowly caressing her buttocks. Then, he slipped his fingers inside her panties and rubbed her clitoris.

Di moaned, and Le whispered, “I want to give you a prostate massage tonight.”

Di was hesitant at first, but she trusted Le and agreed. Le put on a latex glove, applied some lube on his finger, and inserted it into Di’s anus. He gently massaged her prostate while sucking on her dirty fingers.

Di had never experienced such pleasure before. She let out a loud moan and climaxed. Afterward, they cuddled, and Di whispered, “That was amazing. I love you.”

Date: May 24, 2023