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The Masturbation Pact


Samantha was a hot blonde who lived with her roommate, Alex. One day, Samantha came home early from work and heard some strange noises coming from Alex’s room. When she listened closer, she realized that Alex was masturbating. Samantha was surprised but didn’t want to interrupt her. She decided to wait outside and give her some privacy.

The following day, Samantha brought up the incident in a casual conversation with Alex. To her surprise, Alex didn’t seem embarrassed or upset. Instead, she admitted that she enjoyed masturbating and often did it when Samantha wasn’t around. Samantha was intrigued and felt a little turned on by the idea. After some hesitation, she asked Alex if they could make a pact to help each other out when they were in need of release. Alex agreed, and from that day on, they would often pleasure themselves together as part of their “Masturbation Pact.”

Date: June 6, 2023